The trainers soles can make a big difference




For many, the sole is the most important part of a shoe. They are designed to protect the foot and play a very important role when it comes to comfort and the way you walk with the them. That is why it is said, that the soles of trainers can make a big difference. Some suggestions CLICK HERE.

Wearing sneakers without soles is the same as walking barefoot. The soles of the sneakers are made to protect the sole of the foot of those who wear them, as well as so that they do not develop intense pain when wearing them. By selecting the best materials for the making, the sneakers are guaranteed to provide comfort, durability and functionality.

The soles of a walking Shoes for example, are made to deal with rocky terrain and generally tend to have different types of stiffness. They are generally made of rubber and vary according to the pattern and depth of your studs. While basketball shoes are usually flatter, wider and with a herringbone pattern.



The story behind the rubber bands used for the kicks

They are called sports trainers due to the material with which their soles are made. For most of the history of footwear, platforms were made of leather. People have always made the mistake of thinking only of leather, as the flexible upper part of which footwear is made.

But the reality is that leather was also part of the shoe bottom that were used to dress, which were made with leather which was treated to harden it, and could be replaced once they were worn. The first sneakers with rubber soles emerged in the late 19th century, but they really began to be worn in 1917.


 The soles of the trainers

The Shoes Bottom make up the lower part, and are generally made of solid rubber, to which air has been injected or they can also be a combination of the two. Rubbers are usually more durable , but flexibility is needed at the front, which is provided by its flexibility.

While providing stretchiness, the softness of it, also provides cushioning. The soles are usually different depending on the type of terrain for which the trainers are designed. For example, when they are for asphalt, their parts must make their transitions on the pavement smoother.

The shoes for extreme sports have a more aggressive outsoles, designed to generally provide stronger grip, on a ruff ground with rougher characteristics.



Parts of the sole of the Tennis

  • The shank that sits between the heel and the front, which provides stability while reducing torsion.
  • The heel, which is usually at a rounded angle and allows less impact in the fall while landing.
  • Hard plate, which gives protection on unstable and difficult ground.
  • Additional heel, which is a split piece of a sneaker insole that reduces heel impacts on the pavement.

When choosing a trainer for the required usage of it, it is very important to make sure all the details of it, as you want to walk comfortable and at same time look nice wearing them.

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